Understanding Locus of Control

Understanding Locus of Control

My childhood overflowed with adventure: on sticky summer afternoons, I climbed the cherry tree behind our house and hung upside down, launching pits as far as my lungs could manage. Afterward, I stopped by the vine that lined our property to pocket dozens of deep maroon grapes before running through the cornfields to the pond …

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Along for the ride

Along For The Ride

Above my desk hangs a piece of scrap paper ripped from my journal. On it, the word “FINISH” is written in fat black sharpie. I hung it there last year, and now that I work from home several days a week, I stare at it while I chip away at my daily tasks. With an air …

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Occupying the Now

Occupying the Now

I used to believe that productivity was the antidote to my anxiety. On days when I woke up feeling anxious or depressed, I would pull my legs over the edge of the bed and place my feet directly into my running shoes. I would go for long runs through our neighborhood. I’d arrive home, the fresh hit of endorphins racing through my body, and I’d eat a healthy breakfast–a fruit smoothy or a bowl of oatmeal–and take a hot shower.

What Are You Feeling?

You’ll Never Escape Yourself

James rolls into Planet Fitness every morning at 5 am. That’s what he tells us during our introductions. He gets his workout in early. Right away, I notice that his shoulders are bowling balls and his biceps occasionally twitch beneath his black long-sleeved Nike shirt. I give him a subtle head nod when he walks …

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Acceptance and Why Marriage is Hard

Acceptance and Why Marriage is Hard

In Christianity, there’s an inescapable glorification of martyrdom. Around every corner, there’s a scripture about laying down one’s life for his friends, or losing one’s life to gain it, or giving away all your possessions. Then there’s the whole thing about Jesus and the cross. I grew up believing that sacrificing yourself for the well-being …

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All or Nothing Thinking

Avoiding the Pitfalls of All or Nothing Thinking

I invited Jesus into my heart and accepted his saving grace at an age so young I don’t remember the moment it happened. You could say I was born a believer the first time, having no need to be born again, as faith in the Almighty was as much a part of me as my brown eyes, dark hair, and skinny arms.

It's Okay to Be Scared

It’s Okay to Be Scared

Luca woke me up early yesterday morning. His cries were desperate and tears streamed down his face as he reached for me. It took him a few minutes to calm down, to string together some real words. When he finally did, he told me about his nightmare: “The Grinch stole Grandma and tried to steal me too!”

Maintaining, If Nothing Else Breaks

I’m Maintaining . . . If Nothing Else Breaks

“I’m maintaining . . . if nothing else breaks.”

I heard a friend say this on his podcast the other day, and the truth in this statement hit hard. In the isolation of 2020, some of us found solace in slowing down, turning inward, focusing on what matters. But many others discovered just how much human contact they require. And the Zoom calls simply haven’t cut it.